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Rayata Accessories is a leather goods manufacturer and wholesaler. As one of the most forward thinking companies, Rayata has become the industry leader in Quebec. They offer an extremely wide range of products, specializing in leather belts. With the perfect balance of excellent craftsmanship and sophisticated luxury, Rayata designs their accessories to express a personalized unique style for all of their clients. Rayata holds years of experience, expertise, dedication, and above all, high standards of productivity and quality control to bring style and satisfaction to the forefront of their customer’s needs. Their accessories fit all types of personalities – classic, bold, sharp, and elegant. They have grown at an incredible pace and have manufactured goods for numerous well-known global brands and have acquired other competition within the field to grow even further. The sky is the limit for this growing Canadian company.


Raymond, who was immersed in the leather industry since his early childhood, founded Rayata in 2007. Raymond’s father worked for nearly 50 years in the shoe-making business and his grandfather used to manufacture the French army leather-boots during their mandate in his hometown. With close to 25 years in the industry, Raymond gained considerable experience supporting numerous known-brands for years before launching his own leather production company: Rayata Accessories. Early beginnings saw Raymond performing most tasks from beginning to end. This once one-man operation is now a full team of more than 20 dedicated craftsman. Rayata has now bloomed into a dedicated and ambitious team that strives to grow and expand their craft parallel with the company’s growth and success. Raymond’s ambition and strive has propelled Rayata to its current success.


At Rayata, each product has its own focus and is guaranteed to be manufactured right. All accessories are made locally in the Montreal office/manufacturing facility using the best quality leather on the market. Operating in Montreal, which is known as a multi-cultural fashion city, has been a source of pride and inspiration for both the craftsmen and owners at Rayata.

Important to note:
Depending on the targeted price for the requested quality, Rayata has the ability to manufacture up to 5,000 belts a day. With an incredible production turnover, twelve color leather options, and over 2 million buckles in stock, they are ready to ship goods within an incredibly small time frame with an affordable minimum quantity order. Not only can they provide high quantities of products within a remarkable time frame, Rayata also always makes sure to pay special attention to the finishing and high quality of any goods they produce.

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